UFC 124 Montreal Return – Perfect Ending to a Perfect Year of MMA

To end the most successful year in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the organization is putting on one of the most anticipated rematches in sporting history. In this event, Josh Koscheck attempts to even the score against, arguably, the greatest welterweight to ever grace the octagon, in Georges St. Pierre (GSP). This fight will headline the card and will have Georges, with a huge advantage, fighting in his hometown of Montreal, Canada against the large underdog Koscheck. Koscheck has always thrived in the role of the “villain” or “bad guy”, as that is how he has been portrayed since the original season of the Ultimate Fighter. This also is not Koscheck’s first trip to Canada, as he defeated Paul Daley at UFC 113 the last time the organization hosted an event in Montreal. For the champion, GSP, his standards have been set so high that this fight is a chance for him to revenge the last round he lost in a fight period that occurred over 3 years ago in their original fight at UFC 74. This fight is even more anticipated due to the recent conclusion of the airing of the twelfth season of the MMA reality show, The Ultimate Fighter, in which the two coached opposite of each other. ufc live stream 124 is being held on December 11th and will be hosted at the Montreal Bell Centre, making it the UFC’s fourth trip to Montreal, Canada.

The main championship event is going to be carrying this card for the casual fan, but that certainly does not mean that it is going to be the only exciting fights as this event has the opportunity to put on a similar show to that of UFC 116 Lesnar vs. Carwin. There are four other fights under GSP vs. Koscheck on the main card that showcases a lot of up and coming fighters and fighters who are coming off losses and looking to prove something. In these situations, the fighters normally put on performances more memorable than most; these fighters often go into the cage with the notion of leaving everything behind, which often results in thrilling finishes. Combine this back against the wall mentality with the prior entertaining fights in the respective careers of these fighters, and this event could turn into one the most intriguing sporting events of the year. Joe Stevenson vs. Mac Danzig, and Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira are two lightweights matchups which almost guarantee for a fast paced and exhilarating fight. The welterweight class is feature for the championship in the main event, as well as John Howard facing off against Thiago Alves. With both fighters coming off losses, and a history of delivering some of the most devastating knockouts in the UFC’s history, this duel has “Knockout of the Night” all over it. The final fight on the main