Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Will Keep You On Top

A typical Internet shopping website will have anywhere from a few pages to hundreds of pages. So there must be search engine optimization techniques that will keep you on top. Giants on the Internet like Amazon maintain thousands of web pages with products. Optimizing thousands of web pages is not difficult; but it requires a good strategy of SEO Techniques. compare prices at

The SEO techniques and strategy for and Internet shopping site will be different than the SEO techniques used on a static website. The Internet shopping site strategy needs to plan well in advance.

The goal is to have your site on top in the rankings right from the start as this will keep the traffic flow growing all the time. Here are a number of SEO tips that will get you on top and keep you there.

The structure of your Internet shopping site should be simple and clean. Meaning the home page should include all product categories. The plan should be to follow the same structure throughout the website including all internal pages.

Each product page title should have a unique keyword in the title tag even with similar products. A keyword that is unique to the title and the product does improve the page ranking by being more SEO friendly. Keywords must be included in the page content and should be associated to the product name.

Another important aspect of each web page is a relevant page description. The importance of the description has to do with search engine page results or (SERPS), they are excerpts hand-crafted summaries of your content that should be related to your theme and content.

The navigational structure should flow seamlessly to the internal pages and back to the homepage or main page. Leave a trail that is easy to follow for both people and the search engines. People should not have to hunt for anything. One thing for sure is if they don’t see it they are not going to look for it. So make it easy for both visitors and SEO-Bots to find everything.

Images on all of your web pages cannot be read without a good Alt tag. The Alt tag tells Google what is in the image. If images are optimized properly they will add to the rank of the page. It is important to give Google alternate text for images that tells what the image is.

Do not forget the importance of a site-map! The purpose of the site-map is to make it easy for the search-bots to locate and index all of your web pages. Large websites that have many thousands of pages may require more than one site-map. And yes Google does allow more than one XML site-map for large sites.

One simple mistake made by webmaster is the outbound URLs and where they go to. Limit the number of them and always make sure they are directed to pages that are good quality and if possible have good page rank. Most important the destination must be safe and secure. Sometime you do not have a choice, when this issue comes up use the (no follow) attribute. There is no control of who links to you but you do have control of who you link to.

You must analyze the behavior of your web site visitors with an analytics tool. If you are a new webmaster start with a couple different free analytics tools based on your unique requirements. The free services require you to work a little harder but you also learn much more in the long run. The as your site grows you should select one of the paid analytics tools to make your research easier.

Using these search engine optimization techniques will make it easy to get high quality traffic and most of all to rank well. You want your site to be a good balance between SEO friendly and friendly to the visitors to maintain the right quality.