Parking Signs – Helping to Keep Cars, and Their Drivers Safe

In downtown America, the vast fields of yesteryear have been replaced largely with paved plains known as parking lots. With millions of vehicles on the road at any given moment, the need for spots to park all of them has become very important. Parking signs help guide drivers to the best and safest spot for their vehicle, depending upon what their personal need is. Large parking lots post speed limits, to keep the pedestrians that are walking to and from their cars safe. Smaller lots post signs indicating spots that are just for visitors or VIP’s. Even streets have a no parking sign to indicate areas that it is not safe to park your car.

Parking signs are one of the most commonly seen traffic signs in downtown America. Just about every hospital, Parking post airport and mall in the country has signs indicating where you can and cannot park. Even hotels and apartment communities post no parking signs to make sure that important safety features such as fire hydrants and wheel chair ramps are not blocked. A car can be just as much of a danger when it is parked as when it is moving if it is parked in the wrong place, so having a proper parking sign posted can be just as important as posting a speed limit is on a roadway.

Towns and cities that offer on street parking have a special need for parking signs. Since it is not always advisable to have cars parked in certain places, many cities will erect no parking signs in places that they do not want anybody to park in ever, such as fire lanes, hospital loading zones and especially narrow streets. Many streets will also have signs indicating specific days and times that you can or cannot park somewhere to accommodate street cleaning needs, snow plow accessibility or foot traffic during special events when roads may be closed to through traffic.