Is Massage Only For Infants?

Massage for children has been shown to be effective in helping them sleep better, assist in alleviating constipation issues, and even aid them to grow and develop faster! Holding and massaging a baby, who is not yet crawling, can be a fairly simple task. However, once they start to roll, crawl and walk, massage can become trickier.

Many parents feel like they are spending a majority of their day chasing their child down. A toddler’s energy level, and curiosity, may initially turn a parent off to massage. How could a squiggly toddler sit still long enough to enjoy a soothing massage? The good news is that they can and will! If you started massage with your child as an infant, they probably already ask for massage however if you are just starting out there are some easy tips to get started (and it is never too late!)! 홈타이

Above all we want to make massage time fun, kids are different than adults! While we go to a massage for the relaxation and quiet time, a child has a much shorter attention span so we have to be creative in order to keep them engaged. Find a time when you can both sit down for a few minutes of calm, relaxation time. A time in late afternoon or early evening is often best, and when you can keep the time consistent it is a perfect way to create a special time between you and your child. Children not only learn through routine but thrive with structure. To help engage your child, I often recommend nursery rhymes, storytelling and songs to go along with your massage time. Creating or following a story with massage stroke is actually very easy. Even using your child’s favorite story as inspiration can create a connection and engagement that causes your massage time to lengthen naturally.

If you have any concerns, nervousness or fears about massaging your child, there are many resources available to you in the form of Infant Massage Teachers who practice all over the United States (and internationally!) Feel free to contact one or sign up for a class to learn when and how best to give massage, safe approaches, adaptations and to have your questions answered. Just like any healthcare or medical treatment, always check with your child’s primary care provider before beginning any of massage regiment and never massage if your child is showing discomfort.