Internet Privacy

The World Wide Web, aka the Internet, consists of interconnected computer systems and networks. These systems and networks communicate via Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol, referred to as TCP/IP, in order to transfer data and process information unblock tamilrockers

The definition of privacy is the right to unauthorized intrusion. Therefore, Internet privacy is defined as the right to use the series of interconnected systems and networks without unauthorized intrusion, including and not limited to personal identifiable information being tracked or intercepted by another party.

Internet Privacy Software

You can get software to help protect your privacy. The wide variety of privacy protection software arms you with tools to battle unwanted Internet security breaches, ads, browsers hijacking, cookies, email invasion, porn and other unsafe intrusions, bugs, viruses and more.

Internet Privacy Download

Helpful Internet privacy download tools work to cover basic Internet security measures. Tops features of the tools are firewalls, ISP (Internet service provider) filters, and protection from unwanted viruses, worms, Trojans, spam and spyware.

Important Resources & Tools

Some important help for online and offline privacy follow, listed in no particular order of preference.

Offline tools that can help with online junk, too:

National Do Not Call Registry – put your number here and don’t give out info over the phone accidentally or otherwise:

Free annual credit reports – get reports form the top three agencies annually at no charge and make sure no one is abusing your credit and identity:

Stop Credit Offers – put an end to unwanted junk-mail of pre-approved credit card offers by signing up here:

Ad-Blocking Software

AdSubtract Pro by InterMute

AntiPopUp for IE by Webknacks




xFX PopUpKiller

Preferred “Safer” Browsers to Use


MyIE2 Browser


Super Browser

Browser Cleaning Tools


IE Privacy Keeper

Tracks Eraser

Window Washer

Cookie Cleaners

CookieCop 2

Cookie Crusher

Cookie Pal

Email privacy Protection





Pretty Good Privacy

Protect Kids Safe Eyes 2006

Do You Know Where Your Kids Are Clicking?

Password Protection


Password Agent

So arm your equipment, yourself and your family. Lock up by taking security measures both online and off. If you need help with all the online tools out there today, start by checking to see what’s available already on your computer and with your Internet service provider, email hosting account. Then check out tools packages, too, instead of piecing the remaining toolbox items together yourself, and see if perhaps one download can cover everything at once for you. Popular packages include (in no particular order):

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