Discus Fish Nutrition and Feeding – What You Need to Know

Discus fish nutrition and feeding is a careful balance. While you can effectively feed your fish one kind of food and it’ll get everything that it wants, to be sure, you must give them some variety in their food which will give them all the nutriments that they’ll have to be healthy and grow.

Included in some of the things that your discus fish will enjoy are some pellet foods, which contain some plant matter along with a higher protein animal matter. This could be your principal source of food for your discus fish. For some variety you may need to chuck in some frozen bloodworms. Turkey and meat heart based foods are good ones to have a look for and will inspire expansion in your discus fish. Some of the better fish foods on the market are made by Hikari.

Protein plays a giant part in your discus nutrition and feeding. Proteins are made from amino acids, and there two different sorts of amino acids. Necessary and non-essential amino acids work differently in the discus fish. While both can be employed by the discus, it takes extra energy for them to turn the non-essential amino acids into necessities. Fish and beef tissue will supply just about all the protein a discus need and in the correct proportions. This is the reason why when you are selecting your food, you would like it to be at least forty percent protein content.

Fat is also a crucial element to discus health. Fats supply a miles better supply of energy to the discus than do proteins or carbs. Fats also supply the discus with backup energy that they store in their bodies. Of all of the nutrients a discus takes in, only the fats will be stored up for later use.

Carbs are not utilised by discus to a great degree and most any made food that you select should contain satisfactory carbohydrate levels. Vitamins on the other hand are fully required by the discus fish and you must ensure that whatever food you select for your discus nutrition and feeding contains the vitamins that your pet desires. I have even seen discus food recipes that include mixing in one multivitamin.


Feed your discus up to 5 times each day, and make efforts to feed them at least twice. In the course of the day, you should feed your discus 3 to 5 percent of their body weight. Also remember that the more that you feed your discus, the more waste it’ll produce and this needs to be kept in control and the water kept awfully clean.

It’ll only take some time and studying to have great discus fish nutrition and feeding habits for your discus fish. When they have correct nutrition, discus fish are quite social and will develop bonds with you, even eating out of your hand.

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