Credit Card Debt – Recycle Your Card Debt Into Hamburger and Feed It to Hungry Debt Collectors

Credit card debt has been shoved down the throats of millions of Americans and is beginning to make them totally sick! There comes a time when “we the people” are going to be forced to take matters into our own hands and do something about it. The problem is only a few people knew how to recycle plastic debt until now!

Card debt is the biggest pollution problem going in the United States today. Yes, you could say the oil spill in the Gulf is an extreme hazard but American ingenuity and hard work of the citizens in that area backed by billions from the Oil Company and Mother Nature will prevail. It was an accident from pushing technology to its limits much like the space shuttle disaster from a few years back.

Accidents and tragedies happen but when they are intentionally created by “greed” it’s a whole different story! Debt pollution is choking the life from our nation and every citizen that has a credit card with its fangs attached to their jugular vein is a victim of the biggest scandal ever pulled on the human race. This unseen villain is responsible for the depression we are in and the only thing that can stop it is knowledge!

Plugging our leaking money supply is very much akin to fixing an oil well leak deep underwater where it cannot be seen. To fully understand our money problem will require some time on your part but it will be rewarded in ways you cannot yet imagine. Are you ready to open your eyes and ears to see how it all works? Good.

Use the search term “the gig is up–money, the Federal Reserve and you” for the most eye opening history lesson you will ever witness. Your life will be forever changed after the bits and pieces of history you already know are put together revealing a picture you had no idea about. The video was made at The University of Colorado School of Law, on December 4, 2008 and it will be the learning experience of your lifetime. recycled plastic card

Pretty eye-opening wasn’t it? Now you know why NAFTA happened, why Presidents live in total fear of even mentioning the problem, what the military-industrial complex really is and didn’t you just love the part where Alan Greenspan says “it frankly doesn’t matter” what you or government thinks because we’re going to take your money anyway? Are you fuming mad yet?

Use the search term “Frontline–the credit card game” to see why you will be indebted for 20 years on a $500 card purchase. This money engineer lives in the “other” White House but by now you should have a really good grip on how all that garbage works. Speaking of garbage, let’s get to the good part about recycling those plastic demons.

You can stop paying card debt anytime you choose or you may have already been forced to stop paying to keep food on your table but now the good thing is you know why and how you ended up with bags of plastic pollution. To recycle it use the search term “FTC debt video” and pay very close attention to what the cartoon character is saying.

Banks don’t lose a penny when you stop paying and by law close your account after six months of nonpayment. As a slap in your face the banker sells your account information to a debt collector that will try to use scare tactics to coerce money from you. You saw in the FTC video how to handle his phone calls and how to respond to collection notices with a demand for proof of debt sent by registered mail with return receipt.

Knowing what you now know, you understand how to easily make hamburger from credit card debt and shove it down the collectors’ throat for a change. But, the best part is taking a big slice out of the bankers’ wallet and lowering the national debt. There are many more things that have inadvertently happened to you as a result of your new knowledge.